Immediately after the Facebook Connect keynote we met up live in our virtual studio discussing all the details revealed about Oculus Quest 2, connected across continents by virtual reality.

We answered some great questions from our audience and had Jamie in our studio from England wearing Oculus Quest 2, with Kyle in Washington and myself in Southern California joining from original Quests. If you’ve never seen our VR Download show, this week’s special episode is definitely worth catching up on. We covered everything we know right now about Oculus Quest 2 and Jamie’s experience with it over the last couple weeks.

Our broadcast studio is made in Unity by staffer David Heaney and utilizes Oculus Avatars enabling us to feel like we’re together. We then talk about VR news and games and break it all down. He’s ironed out most of the bugs in our studio at this point, and pretty soon we should be able to interview folks in VR and dig through the latest news with our audience more easily than ever before.

Check out the Oculus Quest 2 discussion now:

If you’re looking for more information about Facebook Connect and Facebook’s recent moves in VR, here’s a list of additional stories we’ve got from our recent reporting:

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