Hi everyone! I’m rdein, lead creator of Minoria and the Momodora series. I’m pleased to say we have finally launched Minoria on Xbox One — thank you for your patience!

Minoria is Bombservice’s latest creation, a side-scrolling action game with a heavy focus on combat and exploration. It’s a game similar in style to my other series, Momodora, which was also released on Xbox One a few years ago, however we’ve taken the visuals to a new level with hand-painted backgrounds and cel-shaded characters. Players will have to master the ins and outs of combos, parrying, dodge rolls and magic attacks to progress through the game.

In Minoria, you play as Sister Semilla, a young woman working as a nun during a war against witchcraft that is ravaging the land of Ramzia. Together with her companion, Sister Fran, they must set out and do battle against a group of heretics known as Witches, discover their purpose, and uncover the dark secrets of the war

As usual for the games I develop, the latest installment features some new ideas to spice up the experience and present a refreshing gameplay style. Although Minoria is technically not a part of the Momodora series, it is close enough that I consider it a ‘spiritual sequel.’ In comparison to the previous entry, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, Minoria features gameplay that more strongly resembles that of an action RPG — mechanics such as a levelling system, interchangeable equipment, parrying, and dealin counter damage, to name a few. Many concepts that originated in Momodora III and Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight were expanded upon in this game, so I hope veteran players will enjoy those aspects as well

Since releasing the Minoria on PC last year, we’ve gathered various feedback from players and took steps to improve the game experience. This includes new weapons, new attacks, and many fixes to the game. I am pleased to say that all these improvements will be present in this Xbox One release.

Credit: Spiritual Successor to the Momodora Series, Minoria is Available Now on Xbox One – Xbox Wire